Monday, November 2, 2009

Strength Day: Upper Body Lifting

After six days in a row of pounding on my legs, it was time to give the lower body a much needed rest. So that means a day in the weight room lifting upper body.

I like to make sure that I get a hard shoulder and tricep workout so that when I finally get back into the pool I'll at least a little bit prepared.


  • 2x12 warmup
  • 3x12
standing shoulder press:
  • 3x12
cable crossover fly:
  • 3x10
tricep pushdown
  • 3x12

I struggled a bit with the workout today, only able to do 195lbs on the benchpress. My body was feeling pretty drained and tired from the hard running and biking in the last few days.

Lately, I've been telling myself that upperbody lifting counts as a day off, but that isn't going to fly for very long. I'm definitely looking forward to having an actual day off to just relax and let my body recover.

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